Founded by Pairoj Pitisongswat and back in 1994, with a support from his father, Pueng Jue Huad. At the beginning the factory mainly produced metal furniture such as chair and folding table. Later on, upholstery (1997) and solid wood section (2003) was added in order to create variety to the products and since then the company was able to fulfill needs for almost entire house. The client was from both domestic and export, for domestic market Furnist has a network of distributor all around Thailand and for export market they mainly shipped to USA or Japan as an OEM.

After graduated from Industrial design program, School of Architecture and Design (SoA+D), King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) in late 2013, Naroot Pitisongswat, the third generation of the company quickly developed his final year project to a real brand. With a help from his friend from the same class, Wanus Choletaweesak, Flo was launched for the first time at Thailand International Furniture Fair  (TIFF2014). Flo focused on combining Furnist's strength such as various of materials and skills to mix them together, also a high quality in craftsmanship and services. It was an intention to added design approach to the company and suggested new opportunities and new market which its had capability to reached.

The name ‘Flo’ came from “Flow State”, the psychology theory written by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, which describe the high mental concentration state. In this 'Flow', ones will be fully absorb in a task in hand and feel comfortable to do and one can achieved both enjoyment and high quality of work. It could represent the way of life that people can find happiness in little detail of each passing moment and live peaceful in balance.

Today, Flo has its own showroom at Naradhiwas 26, filled with more than 80 pieces of new design, participated domestic furniture fair every two or three months. With the modern and friendly design in affordable price, Flo had also shipped its own products to Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, India and the Netherlands. More often people can find Flo users in many cafe, restaurant, co-working space, office, private residential, hotel and even hospital.

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