The main concept of Void Collection is the steel joint that combine wood parts together. This joint is a modular systems that can be develop to many categories of furniture such as desk, table, shelf, stool, bar table, bench and coffee table. This joint also allow users to customize the size, color including material to suit with their needs such as different style of interior on the size of space. The whole collection give sense of lightness as the name of the collection called "Void" means the steel joint create a small gap between woods. It give lightness but strong and give the natural feeling of woods.


Join Collection focused on mixing wood with steel to create harmony between each material and try to show characteristic of them, such as the strength from welding steel structure and forming wood (for chairs) or upholstery (for sofa) to support body of users which give sense of welcoming. The whole collection give senses of lightness and friendly, suitable for living space like condominium or single house.


The most important part of Pokky Collection is the connection between wood and steel, which has to be slim and easy to produce. With the knowledge of the factory plus many hours of experimentation, the result is the perfect joint that invisible from outside create a harmony between materials.