Alberto Segalla (Vicenza – 1984) and Nok Janjira Volpi (Bangkok – 1986) are Fandesignstudio, an italian-thai creative duo based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Established in January 2012 as a design boutique specialized in exploring the relationship between creativity, tradition, innovation and local culture, Fandesignstudio has grown to become a versatile and multidisciplinary studio working within the fields of interior, product design, art direction and design strategy.

We approach every project with an emotional depth upon which our clients have come to rely through research, unconventional thinking, and uniquely-crafted concepts. Our studio operates over different scales and typologies, from residential interiors and commercial projects to corporate offices and hotels styling.

In September 2014, we appointed Diego Barbieri (Vicenza – 1978) as Creative Director to cover a wide range of product designs based on market trends and consumer profiles. Thanks to his international experience he acquired over the years as product designer for majors italian high end furniture companies our studio offers products that blend functionality, style, and innovation with a keen eye for details, an open mind to new materials, and a deep understanding of production methods.

Fan [ฝัน] in thai language means “dream”, something you hope for and want to happen very much. By following this idea our purpose is to transform concepts and feelings into shapes, spaces, colors and products with a simple and aesthetic approach. Our philosophy is deeply connected to teamwork, which by definition implies working together, but it is often by having different approaches and diverging opinions that give spaces and products a unique personality.