Franck Grossel is a French Designer and Woodworker.

Since he was young, he always wanted to become a woodworker. Years have passed and this passion become a career. By the age of 14 years old, he started studying in cabinetmaking school for 4 Years. He had the opportunity to learn all the cabinetmaking skills, building up his technical mind. Then he ended up his studies with a diploma mixing design and woodworking. Sharing his mind with creativity, that’s how his interest in product design was born.

After graduated, he went abroad for a 5 months for internship in Thailand. At Flo where he learnt from his Senior, Naroot Pitisongswat, the fundamentals of design. To keep learning and earning skills in this field, he applied for the Nantes Design School in France.

Having a technical mind mixed with designed process allows him to work with a total different approach.