Designed by

Naroot Pitisongswat

The starting point of this collection was when Naroot studied cabinet making in France. He came up with an experimental project using a veneer, rather than using it as a cover on other materials or use it as a 3D moulded piece, he use it as a structure.


The outcome is a side table, all assemble by screw which make it possible to knock-down as a flat pack (in order to bring back to Thailand), the way of assembling create a unique joinery which related to cabinet maker knowledge, mixing color of ash and walnut together to represent the charm of wood.

After graduation, he brought back this project and develop further for Flo. In real manufacturing condition, to use a veneer as a bigger structure such as dining table is not fully proper due to the stability and production technique. At the end, he decided to change a material combination to match Flo characteristic, wood and steel.


The table remains the same spirit from the starting point, thanks to the flexibility of the joinery system and structure that also give sense of elegance and simplicity. 

For more information about the starting point of the project
Study Journal 05 : Teotim Sidetable